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"Thank you, Cami, for your feedback on my cover letter and resume. I wanted to ensure it stood out, and your feedback helped me do that!"
"Implementing your suggestions made things so much easier for me. Things are organized, and I can much more easily keep track of inventory. Thank you!"
"I'm always nervous when it comes to interviews. Coaching with you has made things easier. I still get nervous, but at least I know what to say."
Kevin C.
Job applicant

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Having a few visible policies in place can help you protect your website, products, services, business interests, and customers.
Below, I’ve listed some tools that can help you create those policies without having to hire lawyers. These tools will either be free or have a decent freemium account with affordable premium options.

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Social media profiles are essential to maintaining an online presence, growing a customer base, and growing your business. Depending on the audience you’re trying to reach, creating posts on multiple social media platforms can help you grow your customer base. To help you save time, there are apps that will allow you to schedule your social media posts in advance.

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As we already know, the pandemic normalized virtual meetings, especially for businesses. If your business requires you to meet with clients, I’d recommend using the apps below. The apps are completely free to use, and…

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